A Guide for Living

Together Without

Growing Apart

Ready for More Joy, Intimacy
and Respect in Your Relationship?

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What People Are Saying

“I feel like I had a breakthrough in my own life and an understanding of myself. The tears just started flowing and I felt a huge release. I feel new.”

“You offer words of advice in an encouraging and empowering manner, which is reassuring to anyone struggling with personal issues.”

“It is helping me shed some light on my relationship problems and what needs to be there to have a respectable, long-term relationship.”

Take A Glimpse Inside It’s Not You, It’s Us

It’s Not You, It’s Us explains how to create a relationship that lets you fall more in love with each other every day.
It explores multiple topics like:

– addressing money issues
– sex and desire
– having kids, stepkids, and pets
– family confrontations including exes and in-laws
– religious conflicts and mixed-faith unions
– chores and the division of labor
– personal growth and happiness
– emotional distance
– privacy and personal space
– conflict and communication
– codependency and emotional distance
– the legal differences between living together and being married

Read it, and get the tools you need to create your own happily ever after, no matter what stage your relationship is in.

About The Author

Author Sophie Winters spent nearly two years researching and writing this guidebook. It’s Not You, It’s Us draws real world examples from her own relationship, other couples, family therapists, a documentary filmmaker, and other authors and experts.

This isn’t your average relationship advice book: there are personal stories, examples, and exercises at the end of most chapters so you can immediately take action on what you’ve learned. Sophie even provides bonus materials for readers who want to take a deeper dive into a topic beyond the book. You will have a hard time finding another relationship book that covers so many topics, so powerfully and so personally.

With warmth and wisdom, Sophie shares the lessons on what it takes to live together without growing apart.

Sophie Winters is the author of three books. She helps people get more out of life. Visit her at

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